The North Wind and The Mitsubishi Canter Truck

One dark snowy night, I was walking back home from school. It was ridiculously cold, and it was freezing. The coldness came though my bones and my tooth started to clatter like an instrument. The leather jacket was not warm enough to cover up my long bare legs. Half way through to my house, the snow became heavier like a storm. The umbrella became useless, and I could no longer see my path. I had no idea where I was walking. My whole body was numb, and my brain was not working properly. Suddenly, the world became very bright. I thought I was on the way to bright heaven. I put my hands up, to reach to the angles. The next moment, I heard a really load horn. It gave a shock to my brain, and it regained its function. It was a truck. Mitsubishi Canter Truck, was in front of me, with its bright head lights on, roaring through the snow storm. The Mitsubishi Canter Truck looked like a brave soldier. I was mesmerized by the sudden soldier. It lit my hope to be alive, and I took another small step toward my home.